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Assisted Living in Boston

Updated on July 27, 2023 and Created on July 4, 2023
By Andre Rib
Assisted Living in Boston

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‍As a bustling metropolitan city, Boston is an appealing destination for seniors looking to spend their golden years in a lively environment. With its rich history, world-renowned healthcare facilities, and retiree-friendly tax policies, Boston presents a compelling case for seniors considering assisted living. In this guide, we’ll explore the various facets of assisted living in Boston, including the costs, benefits, drawbacks, financial assistance options, and more.

Understanding Assisted Living in Boston

Assisted living facilities offer a supportive and community-oriented environment for seniors who require assistance with daily tasks but do not require round-the-clock medical care. These facilities provide services like bathing, housekeeping, medication management, and more, ensuring seniors can live their lives comfortably while maintaining a degree of independence.

What to Expect from Assisted Living in Boston

Assisted living facilities in Boston are known for their high-quality care and extensive range of services. These services often include meal preparation, assistance with daily tasks, medication management, and transportation arrangements. Most facilities are equipped with various amenities like communal dining areas, recreational rooms, libraries, and gardens. Additionally, they regularly organize activities and events to stimulate the mental and social well-being of the residents.

Cost of Assisted Living in Boston

The cost of assisted living in Boston can vary greatly depending on the type of residence, the level of care provided, and the range of amenities offered. According to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of assisted living in Boston is $6,819, slightly higher than the state average of $6,500. Comparatively, the national average stands at $4,500 per month.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Nearby Cities

The cost of assisted living in neighboring cities can significantly differ from Boston. For instance, while Barnstable Town has a higher average cost of $7,000 per month, cities like Worcester ($5,685) and Springfield ($5,048) offer more affordable options. Hence, it’s crucial to compare costs across various cities before making a decision.

CityAverage Monthly Cost
Massachusetts (Statewide)$6,500
National Average$4,500
Barnstable Town$7,000

The Cost of Other Types of Senior Care in Boston

In addition to assisted living, there are several other long-term care options available for seniors in Boston. Adult day health care is the most affordable option at $1,614 per month. Home health aide care and homemaker services cost around $6,244 and $6,292 per month, respectively. Nursing homes, offering a higher level of care, are the most expensive, with a semi-private room costing $13,155 per month, and a private room costing $14,402.

Type of CareAverage Monthly Cost
Homemaker Services$6,292
Home Health Aide$6,244
Adult Day Health Care$1,614
Assisted Living Facility$6,819
Nursing Home (semiprivate room)$13,155
Nursing Home (private room)$14,402

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Boston

Financial aid for assisted living in Boston is primarily provided through MassHealth, the Medicaid program of Massachusetts. It covers a range of healthcare services for eligible seniors, including doctor visits, long-term care, and prescription medications. Additionally, the Moving Forward Plan – Residential Supports (MFP-RS) waiver under MassHealth covers the cost of assisted living services for eligible seniors.

More Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Apart from MassHealth, there are several other ways to finance assisted living costs. These include Veterans Benefits, Life Insurance Policy, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Reverse Mortgage. It’s important to explore all these options to make assisted living more affordable.

Top Assisted Living Communities in Boston

Boston is home to numerous top-tier assisted living communities known for their exceptional care and services. Some of the highly-rated facilities include Landmark at Longwood, Zelma Lacey House of Charlestown, Susan Bailis Assisted Living, Brookdale Quincy Bay, Chestnut Park at Cleveland Circle, Compass on the Bay Assisted Living, Wingate Residences at Boylston Place, and Evans Park at Newton Corner. These communities offer a wide array of amenities, tailored care plans, and a vibrant lifestyle for their residents.

Free Assisted Living Resources in Boston

Several free resources are available in Boston to support seniors living in assisted living communities. These include the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, Central Boston Elder Services, and the BCYF Golden Age Senior Center. These organizations offer a range of services such as health insurance needs counseling, conflict resolution, recreational activities, and more.

Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Boston

Assisted living communities in Boston are required to adhere to a comprehensive set of state laws and regulations. These guidelines ensure that the facilities meet the necessary standards of care and safety. The Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification oversees the licensing and compliance of assisted living facilities in Massachusetts. For more detailed information, you can refer to the Assisted Living in Massachusetts page.

Choosing the right assisted living facility is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the quality of a senior’s life. By considering the factors mentioned in this guide, seniors and their families can make an informed decision that best suits their needs and preferences.