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7 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Rio Rancho, NM

Rio Rancho offers a supportive and vibrant community ideal for seniors seeking assisted living options. These are the top-rated assisted living facilities in the city.

Selecting an assisted living facility is a significant decision. In Rio Rancho, families and their loved ones have excellent options to consider. This article explores the best assisted living facilities to help you find the best community for your loved one.

Hummingbird Assisted Living

10/10 (23 reviews)

| Directions | +1 505-553-4339

Hummingbird Assisted Living stands out for its exceptional care and compassion towards residents. The staff, led by owner Christopher, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating a sense of security and well-being for all residents. From home-cooked meals to engaging activities, the level of dedication is truly commendable. The facility’s cleanliness and individualized care make it a highly recommended choice for those seeking assisted living options. The staff’s attentiveness, compassion, and commitment to residents’ well-being set Hummingbird Assisted Living apart as a place that truly feels like a home away from home.

MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Rio Rancho

9.4/10 (23 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 505-302-2431

MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Rio Rancho has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from families and professionals alike. The facility is praised for its outstanding care, beautiful decor, friendly staff, and top-notch amenities. Many reviewers highlighted the compassionate and attentive nature of the caregivers and staff, making it a highly recommended choice for seniors in need of assisted living and memory care services. While some reviews did mention concerns about the cost and instances of perceived neglect, the majority of feedback emphasized the excellent care and welcoming atmosphere provided at MorningStar Rio Rancho.

Casa de Paz Senior Assisted Living

8.4/10 (31 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 505-715-9649

Casa de Paz Senior Assisted Living is a home filled with love and compassion, where residents are treated like family. Caretakers, cooks, and owners go above and beyond to provide excellent care, working closely with Hospice when needed. The facility offers a cozy, sunny environment with home-cooked meals and a family atmosphere. The staff is praised for their dedication, respect, and genuine care for residents. Casa de Paz is described as cost-effective, welcoming, and a place where residents feel comfortable and cared for. Overall, it is highly recommended for those seeking quality assisted living for their loved ones.

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Neighborhood in Rio Rancho Life Plan Community

8/10 (80 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 505-994-2296

The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho Life Plan Community has received mixed reviews. While some residents and family members praise the modern facilities, attentive staff, engaging activities, and high quality of care, others have had negative experiences with management, lack of communication, and issues with care quality. Overall, the facility is commended for its cleanliness, delicious food, homely environment, and beautiful views. Residents seem to enjoy the activities and social interactions provided. The community’s amenities and healthcare services also receive positive feedback. Efforts are made to ensure the residents’ comfort and well-being, although there are some areas that may need improvement.

Casa de Rosa Assisted Living

8/10 (23 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 505-897-2322

Casa de Rosa Assisted Living is a mixed bag according to reviews. Many residents and family members have positive experiences, mentioning the friendly and professional staff, beautiful grounds, and delicious food. However, some reviews express concerns about changes in ownership leading to a decline in service, cleanliness issues, lack of amenities, and staff sleeping on the job. There are also complaints about delayed payments to vendors and alleged fraudulent activities by former executives. Overall, it seems that while some residents enjoy a cozy, home-like environment, others have encountered significant challenges at Casa de Rosa.

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Palmilla Senior Living

7.8/10 (44 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 505-926-7448

Palmilla Senior Living offers a range of senior living options, including independent and assisted living. While some reviewers mentioned concerns about high employee turnover, issues with cleanliness, and communication challenges with upper management, others praised the caring and knowledgeable staff, as well as the engaging activities and excellent food. Family members appreciated the support and guidance provided by staff during the difficult transition of moving loved ones into the facility. Overall, Palmilla Senior Living seems to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for seniors in need of care.

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