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4 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Rancho Cucamonga offers a supportive and vibrant community ideal for seniors seeking assisted living options. These are the top-rated assisted living facilities in the city.

Selecting an assisted living facility is a significant decision. In Rancho Cucamonga, families and their loved ones have excellent options to consider. This article explores the best assisted living facilities to help you find the best community for your loved one.

Merrill Gardens at Rancho Cucamonga

9.4/10 (53 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 909-296-3426

Merrill Gardens at Rancho Cucamonga is a well-regarded upscale assisted living facility, offering a range of amenities and activities for residents. Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff have shown adaptability and creativity in maintaining a high quality of life for residents. Families have praised the caring and professional staff, as well as the welcoming environment. Residents appreciate the variety of activities, delicious meals, and spacious rooms. Overall, Merrill Gardens at Rancho Cucamonga seems to provide a warm and vibrant community for seniors in the area.

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Allara Senior Living

9/10 (36 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 909-736-1900

Allara Senior Living has received glowing reviews from residents, family members, and staff alike. The facility is praised for its cleanliness, friendly staff, and quality of care provided. Employees such as Jackie, Sandy, Darlene, Carla, and Alexis are highlighted for going above and beyond to ensure residents feel comfortable and engaged. The activities, food quality, and overall atmosphere at Allara have been commended, making it a highly recommended assisted living facility in the area. The dedication and compassion of the staff, as well as the positive experiences shared by residents and their families, showcase Allara as a top choice for senior living.

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Ivy Park at Alta Loma

9/10 (31 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 909-941-3001

Sunrise at Alta Loma is a senior living community that truly lives up to its name, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for residents. The staff shows genuine care and attention to each individual, creating a comfortable and inviting environment. Residents appreciate the excellent care, quality meals, and engaging activities offered. The community is beautifully landscaped and decorated, offering a sense of home. Family members trust Sunrise at Alta Loma to provide top-notch care, with a dedicated team ensuring the well-being of each resident. This is a safe, comfortable, and beautiful home for seniors in need of assisted living.

Atria Del Rey

8.8/10 (50 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 909-989-4346

Atria Del Rey is a welcoming and caring assisted living facility that goes above and beyond to provide excellent care to its residents. From helpful and friendly staff to delicious food and a beautiful setting, residents feel at home and supported. The sense of community and dedication to resident well-being is evident, making it a top choice for families. With activities, great staff, and a focus on individual care, Atria Del Rey is a wonderful place for loved ones to thrive.

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