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20 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville, KY

Louisville offers a supportive and vibrant community ideal for seniors seeking assisted living options. These are the top-rated assisted living facilities in the city.

Selecting an assisted living facility is a significant decision. In Louisville, families and their loved ones have excellent options to consider. This article explores the best assisted living facilities to help you find the best community for your loved one.

Magnolia Springs East Louisville

10/10 (82 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-855-7500

Magnolia Springs East Louisville is an exceptional assisted living facility with a caring, professional staff that goes above and beyond for their residents. The beautiful grounds and wide range of activities ensure that residents are living their best lives every day. With a focus on safety, comfort, and engagement, Magnolia Springs East offers a welcoming and nurturing environment for seniors. The high level of care provided by the staff, along with the delicious food and extensive amenities, make it a standout option for those looking for assisted living or memory care in the Louisville area.

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Magnolia Springs Louisville

9.6/10 (71 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-716-5160

Magnolia Springs Louisville is a highly recommended assisted living facility. Reviewers express satisfaction with the helpful and friendly staff, as well as the top-notch care provided. The facility offers a variety of activities, delicious meals, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Residents are happy and well-cared for, with family members noting the positive impact on their loved ones. The facility’s supportive staff, inviting environment, and excellent amenities contribute to an overall positive experience for both residents and their families.

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Anthology of Louisville

9.6/10 (24 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-785-0449

Anthology of Louisville has gained a solid reputation for its exceptional care and engaging environment. Families have expressed deep gratitude for the loving and patient staff, with one reviewer describing their experience as “wonderful.” The facility is noted for its welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and the above-and-beyond efforts of the Director of Nursing and care staff. Though there were challenges with Covid, the staff continued to provide compassionate care. Residents and staff alike create a warm and friendly community that truly feels like home. Overall, Anthology of Louisville is praised for its kindness, cleanliness, and inviting feel.

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The Grand Senior Living

9.6/10 (57 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-233-3855

The Grand Senior Living is a highly recommended assisted living facility in Louisville. The staff is described as enthusiastic, caring, and compassionate, providing a safe and structured environment for seniors. Residents enjoy beautiful living spaces, engaging activities, and delicious dining options. The facility offers various amenities such as an indoor pool, art studio, salon, and dining hall for social interaction. The employees are highlighted as dedicated and hard-working, ensuring residents’ safety and well-being. With a focus on maintaining independence and providing quality care, The Grand Senior Living is praised for its excellent services and positive impact on the residents’ lives.

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Symphony at Valley Farms

9.4/10 (133 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 484-270-4371

Symphony at Valley Farms is lauded for its loving and dedicated staff who provide exceptional care to residents, with personalized attention and engaging activities. The facility is described as clean and well-appointed, offering a welcoming atmosphere. However, some reviews highlight challenges with communication and staffing levels, particularly during nighttime hours. Overall, families appreciate the compassionate care and home-like environment, making Symphony at Valley Farms a recommended choice for those seeking assisted living or memory care for their loved ones.

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The Forum at Brookside

9.4/10 (28 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-245-3048

The Forum at Brookside is a premier retirement community with high-quality food, activities, and healthcare. The compassionate staff ensures residents are well cared for and involved in meaningful activities. While some areas may need updating, the overall experience is positive, with residents expressing happiness and satisfaction with their decision to live there. From beautiful grounds to a wide range of activities and dining options, The Forum at Brookside offers a peaceful and fun environment for elderly care. Residents and staff alike appreciate the sense of community and support, making it a highly recommended choice for those considering assisted living.

Vitality Living Springdale

9.4/10 (44 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-412-0222

Vitality Living Springdale is a highly recommended assisted living facility with caring staff, engaging activities, and a warm atmosphere. Families and residents alike appreciate the excellent care, fun activities, and opportunities for socialization. The community fosters a sense of belonging and safety, making it a great place for seniors to call home. Staff are dedicated, compassionate, and go above and beyond to meet the needs of all residents, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling living experience.

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Forest Hills Commons

9.2/10 (57 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-499-5533

Forest Hills Commons is a beloved assisted living facility with a caring and attentive staff, according to various reviews. The residents are treated like family and enjoy engaging activities, delicious food, and spacious apartments. The nursing staff is highly praised for their monitoring and care. The memory care unit is particularly highlighted for its special events, live music, and decoration for occasions. The facility is described as beautiful, clean, and welcoming. Overall, Forest Hills Commons seems to provide a loving and nurturing environment for residents, earning high praise from both employees and family members.

The Enclave of East Louisville

9.2/10 (40 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-785-0470

The Enclave of East Louisville is a community where staff members feel valued and residents are treated like family. While some reviewers had concerns about turnover and communication issues, others praised the friendly and supportive staff, beautiful facility, and engaging activities for residents. The positive atmosphere and caring team have left a lasting impression on both employees and families, making it a highly recommended place for senior living and memory care.

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Creekside On Bardstown

9.2/10 (22 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-919-7715

Creekside On Bardstown is a warm, welcoming assisted living facility that feels like home, according to residents and family members. The staff, especially Tracy, are highly praised for their attentiveness and compassion. The facility offers a variety of activities and outings, creating a sense of community and family among residents and staff alike. The clean and well-kept environment adds to the positive experience, with residents thriving in the memory care setting. Overall, Creekside On Bardstown is highly recommended for those seeking a caring and supportive assisted living environment.

The Pinnacle of Louisville

8.8/10 (49 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-423-8776

The Pinnacle of Louisville is a memory care facility that prides itself on providing compassionate and personalized care to its residents. The staff, from caregivers to nurses, are described as kind, attentive, and loving, creating a warm and homey environment. The facility offers a variety of activities, outdoor spaces, and therapeutic services to improve the quality of life for residents with cognitive decline. Despite some past challenges, recent improvements have been noticed in staffing and communication. Overall, The Pinnacle of Louisville is recommended for those seeking a supportive and caring environment for their loved ones.

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Treyton Oak Towers

8.8/10 (70 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-589-3211

Treyton Oak Towers is a highly recommended assisted living facility with a strong focus on resident care and safety. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean and well-maintained, and the food is outstanding according to reviews. Family members appreciate the attentive and caring environment provided by the staff. However, there are some concerns about management decisions and the quality of certain services, such as the rehab floor needing improvement and issues with sales tactics. Overall, Treyton Oak Towers seems to offer a warm and welcoming community for seniors.

The Altenheim Senior Health Care Community

8.6/10 (29 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-584-7417

The Altenheim Senior Health Care Community is a well-regarded assisted living facility with excellent staffing ratios, providing residents with dignity and respect. While noise disturbances and unfiltered pollutants from groundskeepers are concerns, the facilities are clean and up-to-date. The staff, from the director to custodians, are friendly, caring, and attentive, making residents feel at home. Residents enjoy good meals, activities, and attention to personal care needs. The Altenheim is praised for its compassionate and professional staff, who go above and beyond to ensure residents receive the best care possible.

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Sunrise of Louisville

8.4/10 (42 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-425-0820

Sunrise of Louisville Senior Living has received glowing reviews from families and staff. The team, including Brandie, Sandi, and Seth, are described as amazing, providing love and compassion. Families appreciate the exemplary care their loved ones receive, especially those with dementia. The facility is noted for its cleanliness, delicious food, and attentive staff. The executive director is praised for strong leadership, particularly during challenging times like the COVID pandemic. Overall, Sunrise of Louisville is described as a welcoming, supportive, and caring environment for both residents and employees.

Traditions at Beaumont

8.4/10 (44 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-231-4522

Traditions at Beaumont is a highly recommended assisted living facility that offers a welcoming and family-like environment. The staff is described as caring and passionate about their mission, providing top-notch care for residents. The facility’s dining room is upscale, with delicious food served on fine china. Residents enjoy a variety of activities, outings, and events, ensuring a high quality of life. The cleanliness, safety, and attention to detail are highlighted in reviews, making it a great choice for seniors. Overall, Traditions at Beaumont is praised for its exceptional care and warm atmosphere, creating a true sense of community and home.

Wesley Manor Retirement Community

8.4/10 (56 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-969-3277

Wesley Manor Retirement Community is a beloved assisted living facility that has received glowing reviews. Families appreciate the caring, considerate staff who treat residents like family. The activities, outings, and consistent care provided are highlighted as major positives. The community is described as welcoming, loving, and affordable. Individuals such as Trina and Jerry are mentioned for their exceptional care and involvement in the residents’ lives. While some negative experiences are mentioned, overall, Wesley Manor is praised as a fantastic place for elderly family members.

Morning Pointe of Louisville Senior Living

8.2/10 (37 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-873-3800

Morning Pointe of Louisville Senior Living is highly recommended by families and staff alike. The facility is praised for its cleanliness, dedicated and caring staff, welcoming atmosphere, and delicious food. Many residents enjoy participating in various activities and building friendships within the community. While there was one negative review mentioning neglectful behavior, the majority of feedback highlights the exceptional care provided by Morning Pointe. Overall, the facility is described as a warm and loving environment where residents feel safe, valued, and truly at home.

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The Legacy at English Station

8/10 (21 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-254-2361

The Legacy at English Station is a highly recommended assisted living facility with a caring and knowledgeable staff who treat residents like family. The beautiful facility offers a warm and welcoming environment, engaging activities to keep residents entertained, and a convenient location. Families appreciate the exceptional care provided to their loved ones, with a focus on dignity and positive moments. While some negative reviews mention unprofessionalism and discrimination, overall, residents and families are pleased with the level of care, programs, and community atmosphere at The Legacy at English Station.

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Masonic Homes Kentucky

8/10 (142 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-259-9627

Masonic Homes Kentucky has received mixed reviews from families and employees. Some praise the leadership, activities, and friendly staff, while others criticize the pretentious atmosphere, low pay, and lack of care. Issues with cleanliness, lack of communication, quality of care, and staff turnover have also been highlighted. While the grounds are beautiful and the location convenient, the facility has faced numerous staffing challenges and incidents of neglect, leading to concerns about patient safety and overall care quality. The leadership, training, and communication within the facility may need improvement to ensure a better experience for residents and employees alike.

Arcadia Senior Living Louisville

7.8/10 (21 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 502-907-1774

Arcadia Senior Living Louisville, now under new ownership, has seen numerous renovations that have enhanced the facility. Visitors rave about the warm and luxurious atmosphere, friendly staff, and family-like vibe. Wickshire offers delicious food, daily activities, and exceptional care for residents in Memory Care and Personal Care. While some issues with reimbursements have been noted, overall, residents and their families appreciate the caring environment and dedicated staff. Despite some negative experiences shared, the majority of reviews highlight the welcoming community, delicious food, quality care, and friendly staff at Wickshire Blankenbaker.

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