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10 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Green Bay, WI

Green Bay offers a supportive and vibrant community ideal for seniors seeking assisted living options. These are the top-rated assisted living facilities in the city.

Selecting an assisted living facility is a significant decision. In Green Bay, families and their loved ones have excellent options to consider. This article explores the best assisted living facilities to help you find the best community for your loved one.

CarePatrol of Green Bay, Wisconsin

10/10 (23 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-883-5081

CarePatrol of Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides exceptional service in helping families find the right assisted living facilities for their loved ones. Reviewers praise Jessie and Bobbi Jo for their compassion, dedication, and prompt assistance in placement, especially during difficult times. Their wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and availability to answer questions are highlighted. CarePatrol is commended for making overwhelming experiences manageable and providing invaluable support to families in need. The team’s passion, expertise, and commitment to finding the perfect fit for each individual are consistently noted, making them a highly recommended resource for those seeking care for their loved ones.

Oak Park Place Green Bay

9.8/10 (46 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-301-4200

Oak Park Place Green Bay is a top-quality assisted living facility that provides exceptional care and a warm, welcoming environment. With a beautiful layout and a range of amenities, residents feel at home and comfortable. The staff, from management to caregivers, are caring, professional, and go above and beyond to meet the needs of residents and their families. Family members appreciate the cleanliness, engaging activities, and the seamless transitions between different levels of care. Oak Park Place stands out for its compassionate and dedicated staff, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking a caring and supportive living environment for their loved ones.

Brookview Meadows

9.4/10 (67 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-434-1200

Brookview Meadows has received mixed reviews from residents and visitors. While some have praised the friendly staff, well-kept facilities, and engaging activities, others have expressed disappointment with the lack of consistent management and care. One family member described their frustration with the facility’s management and the quality of care provided to their loved one. Despite the positive feedback on the staff’s friendliness and cleanliness of the facility, the inconsistent experiences shared by residents and visitors suggest that there may be room for improvement at Brookview Meadows.

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Bellevue Senior Living

9.2/10 (32 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-337-0771

Bellevue Senior Living is a warm and welcoming assisted living facility where residents are happy and engaged. The staff, led by Executive Director Deb, provide exceptional care and support to both residents and their families. Activities, amenities, and a sense of community make it a top choice for seniors. Testimonials praise the caring nature of the staff, the cleanliness of the facility, and the positive atmosphere. With a focus on individualized attention and a range of activities, Bellevue Senior Living is highly recommended for those seeking a comfortable and caring place for their loved ones.

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Marla Vista Assisted Living & Memory Care

9/10 (45 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-499-1119

Marla Vista Assisted Living & Memory Care is praised for its resident-oriented approach, with staff going above and beyond to create a loving environment. Activities range from exercise to spa days, fostering a sense of community and happiness among residents. The dedication of supervisors like Becky Thomas ensures that residents’ needs are always a top priority. The facility received positive feedback for its recent improvements, including updated dining services and a renovated, brighter environment. Residents appreciate the care and attention they receive, making Marla Vista a highly recommended option for those seeking assisted living or memory care services.

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Woodside Senior Communities

8.8/10 (23 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-499-1481

Woodside Senior Communities is a highly recommended assisted living facility that provides excellent care and a wide range of entertainment options for residents. While some individuals may find the cost prohibitive, many others appreciate the clean and friendly environment, as well as the caring staff. The facility is praised for its welcoming atmosphere, spacious apartments, and top-notch therapy services. Overall, Woodside Senior Communities seems to be a well-maintained and reputable option for those in need of assisted living services.

Moraine Ridge Senior Living

7.8/10 (44 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-557-9821

Moraine Ridge Senior Living is described as a facility with a caring and attentive staff who provide quality care for residents. Employees express a sense of fulfillment and teamwork, while residents enjoy a vibrant community with engaging activities. However, there are negative reviews mentioning concerns about cleanliness, staffing shortages, and issues with care plans. Overall, employees seem dedicated to their work and residents, but there are areas that may require improvement in order to ensure consistent quality care for all residents.

Wyndemere Memory Care

7/10 (26 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-489-3143

Wyndemere Memory Care has recently undergone internal management changes that have significantly improved the quality of care provided. The facility has a compassionate and caring staff, clean and bright surroundings, and provides personalized rooms. Residents enjoy daily activities, freshly prepared food, and access to a courtyard. Family members appreciate the precautions taken against COVID-19, including facilitating video visits. The new management is praised for addressing issues and providing excellent care. The facility is considered a peaceful and high-quality option for loved ones needing memory care. Recent changes in leadership have resulted in a positive transformation at Wyndemere, with a warm and caring community and fantastic care provided by a dedicated team.

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Allouez Parkside Village By Hillcrest

6.4/10 (28 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-430-8500

Allouez Parkside Village By Hillcrest is a well-regarded assisted living facility with satisfied residents and family members. The staff is caring and responsive, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is happy and upbeat. Activities like bingo and live music are enjoyed by residents, and the facility hosts well-organized events throughout the year. The team, led by Executive Director Amy Doolittle, is praised for their compassion and dedication. While there may be some areas for improvement, many residents and families feel grateful for the care and support received at Allouez Parkside Village.

Woodside Lutheran Home

6.2/10 (21 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 920-499-1481

Woodside Lutheran Home seems to have mixed reviews when it comes to the quality of care and services provided. While some reviewers praise the facility for its excellent care, spacious rooms, and friendly staff, others have raised concerns about unprofessional behavior, lack of follow-up on patient needs, and poor communication between staff members. Additionally, the lack of privacy for residents and issues with management have been highlighted. Overall, Woodside Lutheran Home appears to have room for improvement in various aspects of their services, particularly in terms of staff training, coordination, and communication.